I am Angela L. Morgan, founder of
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committed to making your life easier
during this difficult time. From my offices
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How Can An Attorney Help?

Probate is the process in which a person’s estate is settled after he or she passes away. Because the
court supervises this process, it can be very cumbersome and bureaucratic.

I am very sensitive to the issues that you are facing. Losing a loved one is an extremely trying ordeal,
and the last things you want to worry about are courts and paperwork. I understand your concerns,
and I am here to help.

If you have a will and you need to probate it, I can handle everything from the initial petition to final
distribution. In fact, most of my clients never even have to come to court. I will take care of all the
details, allowing you to grieve your loss without the hassle of probate court. I will also make sure the
personal representative knows exactly what he or she needs to be doing.

Free Consultation — Contact A Skilled Attorney

To arrange your free initial consultation with a knowledgeable probate lawyer, please give me a call
925-242-2561. One aspect of probate that many people are not aware of is the fact that attorney’s
fees are not paid until the end of the process. I accept all major credit cards, and I am willing to
arrange payment plans whenever needed.
Based In San Ramon, California, Morgan-Logan Law Group serves clients throughout California
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